complimentary in-home spa

Invite the girls over for a spa hour to try out Pure Haven's line of safe, trusted, pure, and botanically-based products.


Pure Haven offers skincare, wellness and cleaning products that are 100% toxin=free.  Guaranteed! Enjoy an aromatherapy foot spa and anti-aging facial while you learn how to make your home a safe haven--free of toxins. So fun, yet so relaxing!


Learn how to read those labels so you can be an INFORMED CONSUMER and are armed to reduce the number of toxins entering your bloodstream-especially the common ingredients that age us faster and cause some of us to turn into bloated, stressed ladies once a month.


When you have 2-12 gals over to sample these AMAZING healthy products you will receive amazing discounts and free products.


Gather the girls in your living room, out at the beach, meeting room at your favorite coffee shop or at lunch in your employee lounge.  You can earn the same rewards and try our products when you gather your friends for a quick skype/facebook live spa presentation.  


Check out these SAFE & AFFORDABLE products @



email or fb at Lakeshore Jessa to set up your spa hour & to receive some samples.