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I'm Jessa and I am a mom of 6 human babies and 6 fur babies.  I am busy.  I help other busy people incorporate the time needed to stay fit and healthy.  Wellness is my passion and I love to share simple changes in nutrition, fitness, and our homes we all can make despite our chaotic lives to live healthier and happier. I hold a Master's degree in clinical psychology as well as certifications in personal training, reiki, and myofascial release. Although I specialize in fitness for busy people without a gym membership, I offer services for anyone looking for healthier changes.


Personal training sessions can be scheduled in your home, outside at a park/beach, or virtually.


Counseling sessions can be scheduled either at my office, virtually, or at a park or even while we walk along the lakeshore.


Healthy home evaluations require me to come to check out your home and will also lead to a session at the grocery store to teach you what to avoid, what to definitely put in your cart and how to read those labels to be able to be an informed consumer.  Also, available virtually.

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