These things make my life easier, healthier and less expensive


1. AMAZON--Do not be afraid of online shopping.  My father is the most frugal guy around.  He taught me well.  Very rarely do I find a better price elsewhere.  Totally get Amazon Prime, so worth it for free shipping, music, and tv.


2. ALDI--I thought this was a shoe store for years so I never checked it out.  Its groceries and it not only offers amazing prices but a friendly atmosphere (people are happy working here and they are quick checking you out) and a TON of healthy choices.  They are concerned about label reading too--no products that have artificial colors (those make kiddos go ape-shape and are known carcinogens) are allowed in the store!! Nice!  Don't forget your quarter to get a cart and your own shopping bags, that is how they keep prices so low.


3. ARBONNE-- Arbonne has THE BEST PROTEIN SHAKES EVER!  They are vegan, gluten-free and do not contain the artificial flavor and sweeteners that MANY of the popular shakes do. I have had one every day for the past 13 years.  I have used them to lose the 75lbs  that I gained during my 6 pregnancies! You will not find a better tasting, more nutritious shale out there.  Both chocolate and vanilla are super yum! And you will love the sustained energy you will get from them.  You can use them as a meal replacement up to 2 times a day.  My kiddos love this stuff and I love giving to them.  Want to try?  Let me know and I can send you a sample!     check it out here:

3.  DAILYBURN--How do I stay on track with fitness with 6 kids and 2 businesses?  Dailyburn my friends.  I LOVE this resource. It is convenient, "excuse-proof" and the community support is top notch.  

try it out here:

4. PURE HAVEN ESSENTIALS--Looking for the safest, purest personal care and cleaning products out there for AN AWESOME PRICE POINT?  The products are 100% free of toxins. Guaranteed! You see, we have been a little far behind in safety standards regarding products (personal care and cleaning) compared to other counties.  And by a little behind, I mean a lot! Want to learn more? Gather 2-12 gals at your place or my office for an hour of pampering.  We will learn how to make safer choices for yourselves and families and play around with these awesome products while we soak our feet and do a luxurious facial.  Oh, and you will earn free products! Don't live in Michiana? No prob, we can do the same event via Skype (same hostess rewards apply--I just send you samples to hand out to friends while I teach you about the products via video chat)     

check it out here: