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These things make my life easier, healthier and less expensive


1. AMAZON--Do not be afraid of online shopping.  My father is the most frugal guy around.  He taught me well.  Very rarely do I find a better price elsewhere.  Totally get Amazon Prime, so worth it for free shipping, music, and tv.


2. ALDI--I thought this was a shoe store for years so I never checked it out.  Its groceries and it not only offers amazing prices but a friendly atmosphere (people are happy working here and they are quick checking you out) and a TON of healthy choices.  They are concerned about label reading too--no products that have artificial colors (those make kiddos go ape-shape and are known carcinogens) are allowed in the store!! Nice!  Don't forget your quarter to get a cart and your own shopping bags, that is how they keep prices so low.

3.  DAILYBURN--How do I stay on track with fitness with 6 kids and 2 businesses?  Dailyburn my friends.  I LOVE this resource. It is convenient, "excuse-proof" and the community support is top notch.  

try it out here:

4. Melaleuca--Shopclub to sae you time. money and prevent you from brining in toxins into your home via cleaning products, 


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